We’ve Tried: Illa Fantasia Water Park with Julia Travel

    I had the chance to experience a trip to Illa Fantasia, a water park just outside of Barcelona. A quick check on the weather forecast and it was a no brainer. 27 degrees, sunny with not a cloud in the sky, the date was set and all that was remaining to do was find some friends to go with me!

    The trip is organised by Julià Travel, who offer a free coach service to the water park. Getting there was easier than I could have imagined. No need to book your ticket in advance as you just pay on the day.

    After getting on the bus, surprisingly empty for a hot Saturday morning in June, an Illa Fantasia representative came to give us a voucher, and wrote down the price to pay as the ticket office. Just 20 minutes later after a short drive along the coastline, we arrived at the water park.

    We paid the amount written down on the voucher, and entered the park to find the lockers. Then the fun began.

    We started by standing underneath the new Pirate ship area. It is definitely made for kids to play in, but we were there to roll back the years, so we stood underneath for a while before the mammoth sized bucket of water tipped over us. From there we tried some of the slides nearby, such as the Kamikaze for pure thrills, and Aguamania for a surprisingly steep drop!

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    Afterwards we went to the supertobogan slide, one of the wide blue ones that sends you spinning around out of control. Then it was time to pair up as we collected the giant double rubber ring and headed up the steps of the Bitour, a slide not very steep, but it certainly gives you thrills from rocking up and down the sides, sometimes feeling like you may well fly over the edge!







    We then headed to the other side of the park and this turned out to be where we spent most of the rest of the day. There was again the large blue slides, these ones called Megatous, and were much steeper then the other one. Next to that were the Rapids, which were basically another variation of a Kamikaze, although as you went down it, you went flying into the air a couple of times!

    The wave pool was right next door to these slides, so we alternated our time between taking the thrills of the slides, and sunbathing next to the pool, as well as getting excited like kids every time the siren went up that the waves were about to start.







    Before we knew it, we were all hungry and decided to satisfy our needs at one of the many restaurants around the park. The prices were quite fair when compared with a lot of other theme parks and water parks, and you can find all the usual stuff like burgers, chicken and pizza.

    After lunch, we chilled out next to the wave pool and once we felt like we could move again, we only took to a few more slides before it was time to leave. We collected our bags and went to the bus which was waiting directly outside the exit. Just 20 minutes later we arrived in centre of Barcelona. A perfect end to a great day!

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    Have you been to Illa Fantasia? Did you find it as enthralling as me? Leave a comment to let us know how your day went.